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Serious about replacing your income or creating a $100,000+ lifestyle? This is it.  Start a new online business or bring the power of digital marketing to your existing affiliate marketing, coaching, e-commerce or authority business. A Million-dollar+ earner and award-winning affiliate marketer has crafted a no-fluff program maximizing the cutting edge of marketing wisdom. Perfect. Click for an invite to a Free Webinar Training.

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Real people coming soon!
John Doe
Real people coming soon!
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Real people coming soon!
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Easy Side Hustle Program

The easiest and most affordable online business to start as a side hustle – when you are still working a job – and how to do it step-by-step to build your own web-based income over a realistic 6-30 months. 

Training courses guide you through each step on your journey of building an authority (that’s you!) website. You watch and read, do the steps in your included keyword tools, website builder and content creator and check them off the list. Learn about the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

You’ll want at least 2 websites and you can start them at no cost. Your trial membership includes free training, access to a stellar community of digital marketers and the tools to optimize your websites.

Super-active supportive community of new & successful bloggers and affiliate marketers who are treading the same path.  Meet real people like Kathy…

Sprint through the trainings and action steps or take the steady approach – the choice is yours. 

My favorite: my all-in-one command center for my business! Grab the laptop & Go! WordPress Hosting for 50 Sites on FAST, secure servers; content creation tools; research and SEO tools, top training and my buddies in the community all for a price that is WAY less than piecing it together from several providers! Click for all the details.

Let's get you earning

Yes, you can earn an income with a side hustle and keep your sanity!

SideHustleYogi.com is my gig to help others earn money online through the most proven method so far: affiliate marketing.

You’ll find stories of my journey of embodying the laptop lifestyle I’ve always wanted, but up until 2019, I hadn’t fully embraced.

With a B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations and A.S. in Sales & Marketing, I always had an angle on the basics of what was needed online, but I got distracted by ‘shiny object syndrome’! While I love to explore all the new ways to market – the web is REALLY amazing that way! – it doesn’t help you earn money if you don’t stick with one plan long enough to realize its potential.

I’m doing that now – with certainty – and really excited to be focused and moving ahead steadily. The platform I’ve chosen to hone my affiliate marketing skills and host my websites is great for newbies at earning money online as well as experienced marketers.

Join me and let’s get our side hustle on!



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