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​Digital marketing is ​a proven business model. Which ​​model is a ​fit for ​you?

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Blogging? YouTube Channel? Niche Websites? Affiliate Marketing, Amazon FBA? eCommerce? Email Marketing? Confused Yet? Let's change that!

Digital Marketing Consultant and Yogi Chandra McKenna is creating the perfect guide to save you weeks of researching and loads of money! Confidently choose the perfect online business model that suits you and your inner yogi. Get on the wait list for the Guide now!

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Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

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Facebook Advertising & Affiliate Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Agency

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The  Approach of a Yogi

Inspiration & Integrity to Guide You

What good is becoming good at something if you don’t share it with others who have the same desire as you? I have always loved researching and have become good at not just seeking, but finding. Networking and introducing people to other people and information has always come naturally to me, so it’s natural I use these skills online to help others develop their own affiliate marketing side hustle or second income.

Side Hustle Yogi delivers the best, proven and most efficient methods I’ve found to earn money with affiliate marketing online in an authentic, Grace-filled, straightforward, yet lighthearted manner to you and those seeking to develop a side hustle or retirement income to live the laptop lifestyle.

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