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~Chandra  & Devon from Side Hustle Yogi

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Quick Start Guides

As we are also in this course, and Chandra is a P.R. writer,  she's created 2 Quick Start Guides (valued at $100 each) to help you dial in on several of the important elements of this course that you do not want to go fast on! Sounds counter-intuitive, yet if you go slow and steady with certain foundational tasks, you'll actually be ready to launch your paid campaigns sooner, with less chance of time-sucking (and sometimes costly) roadblocks. 

2020 Launch Doors Closed ​on Thursday.
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Bonus Student Case Studies

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Josee's 1K-3K Days

Josee worked at corporate job for 25 years and last year decided to focus online.

She tried MLM, network marketing and other courses before jumping into Commission Hero.

Well now she is consistently doing $1-3k PROFIT da​ily with no ceiling in sight!

Be sure to watch Josee's story to get inspired!

Chad's 1K Day

Chad, the Chief of Police in his town, joined Commission Hero a few months back after trying other courses and not having as much success as he wanted.

Since joining Commission Hero, he just had his first $1k DAY and is doing several thousands dollars a week consistently.

In this interview we go over some valuable things such as mindset, finding success and more! Enjoy!

Daz's Roadblocks to 2K Days

And what's up with 'the hat'?? (Side Hustle Yogi is in this for the hat!)

Two months before this video, Daz joined Commission Hero. In two months, he was doing consistent $2k days and just had his first $10K week!

He owns a construction company and has had some experience online with Shopify, but when he found Commission Hero he was hooked.

In this interview Daz talks about his ups and downs, his mindset and also his current success.


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